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Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma

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Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma

Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma – A-PRP is a high concentration of platelets surrounded in its own plasma. A small amount of blood is drawn and the red cells are isolated from the platelet-rich plasma. Since the Autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma (A-PRP) is processed from the client’s own blood, there is virtually no risk of an allergic reaction or rejection.

Blood-Derived Growth Factors – The internal essence of a client’s blood contains life-giving fundamental protein growth factors. PRP utilizes a leading edge patented technology designed to derive a high concentration of biological, nutrient-rich cells and create Autologous PRP.

  1. An amount of blood similar to what is required for a basic lab test is drawn.
  2. The blood is placed into a centrifuge and spun at a very rapid rate to separate the platelets from the other components of the blood.
  3. The PRP is activated to release at least 8 essential growth factors and signaling proteins. PRP is a technology that deploys aspects of blood-based biochemistry. Again, since the A-PRP comes from the client’s own blood, there is virtually NO risk involved.

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) plays a significant role in the regulation of cell growth.

Transforming Growth Factor (TGF) promotes angiogenesis which is the physiological process involving the growth of new blood vessels.

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) may help the growth of blood vessels.

Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) involves tissue repair after injury.

Platelet-derived Growth Factor (PDGF) promotes collagen growth.

Interleukins, Macrophages, Keratinocytes, Endothelial Cells, Lymphocytes, Fibroblasts, Osteoblasts, Basophils, Mast Cells induce collagen and proteoglycan production for healthy cells and repair of damaged tissues.

Collagen Stimulating Growth Factor stimulates growth of healthy tissue.

Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF) aids in healing and generation of new skin.